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Career Opportunities

Job Title Location Closing Date
Trade and Investment Assistant - Saskatchewan Consulate General of Canada in Dubai 30/09/2021
Senior Trade and Investment Officer - Saskatchewan Consulate General of Canada in Dubai 30/09/2021
FPDS (Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Service) Officer (Anticipatory) Shanghai 30/09/2021
Common Services Clerk Embassy of Canada in Abu Dhabi, UAE 29/09/2021
Receptionist / Program Clerk Rome, Italy 30/09/2021
Program Administrative Assistant NATO HQ, Brussels, Belgium 03/10/2021
Senior Trade Officer Colombo, Sri Lanka 24/09/2021
Guangzhou – Common Services Assistant, LE-A2 Guangzhou 26/09/2021
Head, Communications Canada House, Trafalgar Square SW1 26/09/2021
Common Services Assistant Reykjavik, Iceland 27/09/2021
Medical Doctor, IRCC Embassy of Canada in the Philippines 26/09/2021
Operations Assistant, CSDP Berlin, Embassy of Canada to Germany 30/09/2021
Common Services Assistant Prague, Embassy of Canada 26/09/2021
Medical Program Clerk Canada House, Trafalgar Square SW1 01/10/2021
Official Residence Chef de Cuisine Embassy of Canada in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 29/09/2021
Consular Officer (Anticipatory) Embassy of Canada in Tokyo, Japan 27/09/2021

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